Lethal Enemies

About Us

Lethal Enemies thrives on a simple concept: tactical based gameplay while having fun. We believe in a hardcore focus on the mission, but who says you can’t have a beer and throw a few jokes around while you’re doing so? If you’re looking for that sweet balance of competitive and laid back gaming, our community’s the place to be. Composed of gamers from all walks of life, you’ll feel at home the minute you enter Discord.

Our story begins in 2005 during the golden days of gaming. Counter-Strike: Source was the everyday choice for early members. A small group of guys playing their favorite game as a clan called Syndicate. Eventually, the founding members became obsessed with a mod called Dungeons and Dragons. Strategy and cunning fueled many late night sessions. Any regrets? Absolutely not!

Seven years of late nights later and a new community was officially founded in 2012. As gaming evolved, so did Lethal Enemies. Through time we’ve played Destiny 2, SMITE, Battlefield, Call of Duty, Sea of Thieves… the list goes on. Trying to find a new DND group? We have plenty who play games on Tabletop Simulator and elsewhere. Any game out there, we’ve played and will play with you.

Whether you play tactical shooters, RPGs, battle royale or simulators our group has many who will aid you in your quest. Although we’re primarily focused on PC gaming, we have plenty of members with consoles. Many games we play are adding crossplatform compatibility as well. Xbox, Playstation, or Windows, it doesn’t matter. Jump on in!