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    LE is proud to announce our new division in World of Warcraft. We will be giving a new home to Live Horde or Die Trying. As the name states they are a Horde guild on Tichondrius. LHoDT is a great guild who loves to pvp, heroic raids and they are always up for Mythic Keystone - They are a very relax group of individuals as long as your name isn't Zombreck. If you would like to get added to the guild please send an message to Dragonsong, Lesturholt, Fogal, Earsten or Graves.

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    I like how Zomb's avatar is from a cartoon porn parody.
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    Aye put my name in there I'll invite anyone as long as you link Glad
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    And take PrineZ out
  7. Zombreck

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    And resto

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