Posting Contest

Starting Today Lethal Enemies will be hosting a posting contest on the website. Instead of just rewarding the top three posters of the site the prizes we wanted to give everyone a chance to win. Below you will see all the methods to earn raffle tickets. The contest will end on Oct 31, 2018 at midnight PST. The next day i will be on discord rolling for the winning numbers. Anyone willing to donate to the prizes will be much appreciated. To show you are participating please reply to this post.

Prizes so far (If you want to add to it please do)
3 Month of Wow Time
$20 Steam Gift card
1 Month Humble Monthly

If member spams his way to the top they will be removed.

2 Tickets For just being active member on discord
2 Tickets For just participating
1 Tickets for every 2 posts on the forum
2 Tickets for every new thread created
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Good morning all! Glad to be back! Be good to your bosses today!

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