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Here are the tentative PVP teams so far. These are subject to some changes. I still have a few members I'm trying to figure out how to fit in.

Red Team

Healers -
Resto - Hpriest
Gravez - Disc Priest
Stout - MW

Melee -
Schmitz - DH
Kodin - War / Rogue
Med - Ret
Chillin - Rogue

Ranged -
Breakable - Spriest
Meggidus - Hunter
Dotuplock - Aff Lock

Blue Team

Healers -
Island - Hpriest
Dirty - MW

Melee -
Black - DH
Cheeka - Rogue
Champ - War
Mac - Rogue

Ranged -
Ogreat - Spriest
Naz - Lock
XXX - I have some thoughts here but I'm not certain yet.

We still have 7 or 8 ppl floating that have shown interest in RBGs. For those of you that don't find your name on one of the lists above, it does not mean you have been forgotten, I'm simply trying to create well rounded comps that can be competitive and push rating together. I would like to recruit to fill out a 3rd team in the coming weeks.

Please feel free to share thoughts below and I'll answer them all in this thread. I'd like to have open constructive conversation - no pointing the finger or hard feelings. I hope you all appreciate how hard it can be to balance 20 to 30 ppl all trying to get on to one 10 person team.

That being said - I think we have a very realistic opportunity to create 3 very viable RBG comps. It will take recruiting a few specific members to fill the third team.

Each comp will have 2 nights a week for run times, they will offset so if someone is unable to attend we will have the ability to fill from within the guild.

Thanks -
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