arena teams? 5v5 tournament?


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i'd love to play some more regular pvp with guildies. is there any interest in regular arena teams/comps for 3s? or for weekend arena tournaments or 1v1s?
would love to play with friends, but i know not everyone wants to be pals
classes: rdruid/hpal/war/mage


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I'd be absolutely game for this.

Currently I have DK Sham and Priest @ 120 - willing to play any spec though I'd need to practice on a few to get them down.


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I would def love you get in on this theo! im slacking on the bfa pvp scene though atm.
have pally/DH/lock/monk I could play (ideally I would stick with just 1 of those ^^)


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We've been getting more more ppl pushing back towards PvP and I'd like to have more events. Tourney / World pvp days. It's gonna take some effort but I need people to show up if we plan events. That's currently our biggest issue, no one is consistent.
I think that a lot of people are doing pvp because that’s what the main set are doing. I’d be game for arenas too. I just want people to play with; I don’t care if it’s pvp or pve. Although according to fogal I’m worthless and don’t deserve to go with you guys.