Anchor Weed Farming Guide

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This is just a quick guide to farming Anchor Weed.

Anchor Weed the most rare herb in BFA. This herb has a chance to spawn within other herbs. So basically if you want to farm Anchor Weed you have to farm every other herbs in bfa and hope they will respawn as Anchor Weed.
Anchor Weed
Speed Farm Herbs

BFA introduces three new items that you can use to speed up farming herbs. You should use these if you can find them cheap at the AH or craft it yourself if you can.

The one I would recommend the most is
[Monel-Hardened Stirrups]
, which let's you gather hebs while mounted. Every mob scales to your level in BFA, so it will be hard to avoid the mobs attacking you while you try to farm herbs. If you have the
[Sky Golem]
mount, you can use that instead of the Monel-Hardened Stirrups

If your class has a tanking spec, you should switch to that while farming, so you won't get dazed and you don't have to use Coarse Leather Barding.

Don't forget to enchant your gloves with
[Enchant Gloves - Zandalari Herbalism]
! This enchant brings gathering time down from 1.5 seconds to 0.5 seconds. This is really important if you gather while mounted, because mobs can still interrupt your casting.

Things to keep in mind while farming.

  • Farming in a party(raids are too big) will increase your chances to find Anchor Weed. This should increase the RNG for the spawn of the weed. kinda like the old khorium farm groups
  • Stay next to waterways or snowy places.

Dustvar - Route 1
This route goes through an Alliance town, so horde players might have some trouble here, but you can just run past the guards with mount, they shouldn't kill you.

Dustvar - Route 2
Use this route if someone is already farming at the first route, or if you are having trouble going through the Alliance town.

Stormsong Valley
You will get a lot of Riverbud and Sea Stalk here. Really good route, since you can avoid fighting most mobs.

You will get mostly Siren's Pollen and Riverbud here.

Tiragarde Sound
This is also the best place to farm Riverbud.

Thank you Studen Albatroz and Wow-Professions for the info.