Allied Race (Silly/Flirt) sounds

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Wow. I'l have to check the old races. These new races have some risque flirt.

Blizzard hasn't release the Zandalari Troll, Dark Iron Dwarves, Mag'har Orcs, or Kul TIran Human.

I posted the separate files so you don't have the watch the following woman react and make sounds.

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Without the pussy cat.

  • Your body must be a font of magic because I'm irresistibly drawn to it.
  • You must know magic too because you just made everyone else in the room disappear.
  • You've found the Arcway to my heart.
  • Mmmm, I wanna tap that ley line.
  • I think I've night-fallen for you.
  • I've got a feeling we were night-born for each other.
  • The stars have judged you and found you... smokin' hot.
  • Were you picked from the Arcan'dor? Because you're the apple of my eye.
  • To be honest, most of the time something was quite right.
  • Why does everyone keep asking me to say that? Ughhhhh. Fine. An Illusion. What are you hiding?
  • My name is Roy, and I'm a mana addict.
  • It's what I do. I drink arcwine... and I know things.
  • Back in my day, there was only one kind of elf. ONE.
  • I don't know why they call it the Court of Stars. I hang out there all the time and I never see anyone famous.
  • Let's be honest. Keeping a giant, angry dinosaur caged up in a zoo was bound to end badly.

  • Is that an illusion in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?
  • No illusions here. Everything you see is real... very real.
  • My Nightwell brings all the boys to the yard.
  • Animate? Detonate? I suggest we skip straight to replicate.
  • I'll show you my ley lines if you show me yours.
  • I've been trapped in a bubble with the same guys for 10,000 years. You could say I'm ready for a little... variety.
  • There's no area denial in this raid.
  • An allusion! What are you implying?
  • Roses are red, our city is fair. Is that a disguise? WHO GOES THERE?
  • Care for a glass of arcwine? I jumped on the berries myself.
  • Tyrande still looks good after all these years. Know if she's seeing anyone?
  • I met this kal'dorei who told me my dress was the pinnacle of fashion... 10,000 years ago. Ouch! Those night elves really know how to throw shade!
  • Night elves? More like country elves! They live in trees, sleep in dens... sometimes even grow antlers. They're not cut out for life in a REAL city.
  • You really must attend one of our parties in the Court of Stars. I've never met anyone more in need of a mask.
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Void Elf Jokes and Flirts

  • What am I into? Let's just say some of my proclivities can run a bit... dark.
  • I do my best work in the shadows. Allow me to demonstrate.
  • The Void has taught me many secrets. Some of them can be most... satisfying.
  • As a rule, I don't sprout tentacles. But in your case, I'll make an exception.
  • When studying shadow magic, one learns to be flexible. Very... flexible.
  • You sate my hunger... and I'll sate yours.
  • I know what you're thinking... "Oh goody, another elf." Well... I bet you weren't expecting a VOID elf, now were you?
  • If you're looking for tall dark, and brooding, that's me. Well, dark and brooding, at least.
  • Say what you will about the tenets of the Void. At least it's an ethos!
  • Would you believe purple has always been my favorite color? Even before I went void, I mean.
  • Alleria is my favorite Windrunner sister. Edgier than Vereesa, but slightly less homicidal than the dead one.
  • The fact that I wield void energies doesn't mean I plan to consume everything I see. After all, I have a figure to maintain.
  • Old Gods... I mean, really? Some have mouths for eyes, others have eyes for mouths. Talk about a hot mess...

  • They say the Void hungers. Let's start off with a bit of nibbling.
  • Get nice and close. Whispers are kinda my thing.
  • Are you checking out my void form?
  • There is a void in my heart. Have you come to fill it?
  • Who needs the Light? It's so much more fun in the dark.
  • You cannot a-void my charms.
  • The Void isn't the only thing that's insatiable.
  • No, we do not drink blood--that's the San'layn. Totally different emo elf.
  • First was high, then blood, and now void. Get the order right.
  • Who does my hair? You might have heard of my stylist. It's called THE VOID.
  • Gloomy? I'm not gloomy. I just dress that way... and talk that way... and act that way.
  • You think YOU have a dark side? Elf, please.
  • Well, yes, technically the Void does want to consume the entire cosmos. But I'll settle for a smaller bite... for now.
  • No matter how much you plead, I will not sprout tentacles or turn into a giant eyeball. Well, I might. But not because you asked.
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Lightforged Draenei

The male voice sounds like The Count or a vampire? The Female... a gypsy or vampire, wife from Modern Family

  • I like it with the lights on. Not that I really have a choice...
  • Has it gotten brighter in here? Because you just turned me on.
  • I thought my tattoo said "Light's Defender" in Naaru. I found out it actually says "glowing goat".
  • This world of yours is very strange. Talking bears who practice kung fu? On Argus, we call that a circus.
  • After being aboard a ship for so long, it is nice to walk on solid ground again. All those hard surfaces were murder on my hooves!
  • My life for Aiur... <cough> Argus. My life for ARGUS!
  • Have you ever seen the bunks on the Vindicaar? I can arrange a private tour.
  • If one more of you natives calls me a walking chandelier, I swear I'll...
  • Sorry if my tattoos look a little dim. I forgot to charge my battery last night.
  • Face tentacles?! We do NOT have face tentacles! If we did, that would mean Draenei are secretly emissaries of the Void, gaining your trust as we infiltrate your society so that we can bring about its end. And I'm certain you're not implying THAT... are you?
  • I'm a Draenei on the streets... but an Eredar in the sheets.
  • The Vindicaar is a fast ship. You could say it travels at Light speed.

  • When in doubt... touch anything that glows.
  • No, I do not have a glowing stamp above my tail.
  • Have you met my dog? His name is Barkenon Puppos.
  • Toes are overrated. Hooves make pedicures go sooooo much faster.
  • I don't recommend walking barehoof on the Vindicaar. We keep finding tiny shards of crystal that didn't get swept up.
  • We haven't crashed the Vindicaar yet... but given our track record, it's only a matter of time.
  • One downside of being Lightforged is that my S.E.L.F.I.E.S. are always overexposed.
  • Turalyon was the only human I saw for a thousand years. I assumed all of them were grizzled and scarred.
  • My turn-ons include my eyes, my tattoos, my armor... I mean, what doesn't turn on?
  • I may be forged in the Light, but I know how to have fun in the dark.
  • Have you seen Prophet Velen's new dance? He calls it the Mac'Areena.
  • You must be descended from the Naaru... 'cause you've got a heavenly body.
  • Let's go back to my ship and twist our nethers.
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Highmountain Tauren

  • Trust me... I have experience at exploring deep places.
  • My totem thunders. All. Night. Long.
  • Beware the deep places... of my heart.
  • Get as rough as you like. I've got a thick hide.
  • You must be an alchemist because we've got great chemistry.
  • Why does that Draenei couple keep asking me where Rocky is?
  • Let's play a game. We take a drink every time a harpy screeches about earth and stone.
  • I may be a simple Tauren from the mountains, but at least I don't dig through worm dung for loot.
  • Ha! A buddy of mine convinced this epic-geared adventurer to kick fish into the river! Oh wait... that wasn't you, was it?
  • A Tauren, a Yaungol, and a Taunka walk into a bar. This isn't a joke--it's my family reunion.
  • What smells worse than a Drogbar? Two Drogbar. What smells worse than two Drogbar? Nobody knows because the stench will kill you.
  • Did you just try to hang your hat on my antlers? What do I look like, a coat rack?
  • Why settle for horns when you could have a rack like this?
  • I'm forming a group of Tauren demon hunters. We're called the Illi-dairy.

  • So... wanna knock antlers?
  • Are you staring at my rack?
  • It's not the size of the antlers. It's the motion of the totem.
  • What do you get when you feed cocoa to a Highmountain Tauren? Chocolate moose!
  • Why are the Rivermane always so calm? Because they've learned to go with the flow.
  • Brrrrr, it's cold in here. In the mood for some ice cream?
  • Tauren make the best poets. Their verse is so moooooving.
  • You know the way to a woman's heart? Hoof rubs. Trust me on this one, darling.
  • He said my eyes were "milky". Talk about a mood killer...
  • I know Ethel. She's actually a very fast walker. She just thinks it's funny to mess with tourists.
  • You know, high-altitude living does wonders for one's stamina. Allow me to demonstrate...
  • You don't need to be from the Skyhorn tribe to join the mile high club.
  • We are Highmountain. Unless you're leaving. Then we're Goodbye Mountain.