Trade Skill Master App 1.0

The TSM App keeps your addon data up-to-date and provides access to powerful TSM website.

  1. Syndrogo
    Automatically Updates TSM_AuctionDB Prices
    Once setup, the TSM Desktop Application will ensure your TSM_AuctionDB prices are always up-to-date without requiring any input or monitoring from you. TSM_AuctionDB data is downloaded directly from TSM's servers which are constantly processing new data from Blizzard.

    It also provides access to extra prices within TSM_AuctionDB such as region versions of the market value and minimum buyout price, historical price (per-realm and region), and a region average sale price.

    Keeps Your TSM Settings Secure
    A lot of time goes into setting up the TSM addon perfectly. You've also likely built up a lot of valuable data within TSM. Unfortunately, WoW client and computer crashes can leave addon setting files corrupted without notice and with no chance of recovery.

    The TSM Desktop Application can automatically keep your TSM settings backed-up and help you quickly restore from a backup when the need arises.

    Export Your TSM_Accounting Data
    Want to perform deeper analysis on your purchases and sales?

    With the TSM Desktop Application, you can export your TSM_Accounting data to a .csv file which can then been opened using a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel. From there, you can perform your own analysis on the data and gain a deeper understanding of your gold-making.

    Unlock New Website Features
    The TSM Desktop Application acts as a link between the TSM addon and our website. This enables new features on the website such as deal notifications based on your TSM groups and TSM_Shopping operations, customized item pages, and much more!


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